Monday, 28 April 2014

There be Monster concept art-Gizzard

And now a look at the character model pack for the panicky pooch, Gizzard

Dogs are often the go-to animal sidekick for obvious resons. Man's best friend is a pack animal, so they're more inclined to follow and defend their owners (can you tell I'm a dog person?). So when it comes to a fantasy story where the protagonist is thrown into constant danger, it's fun to play around with this concept. On the one hand you have a genuine protector such as Jake the Dog, or you can have him be a coward such as Scooby Doo and Courage.

As for Gizzard, I decided to portray him as a devoted pet who is keeping Audrey out of danger for her own sake rather than his supposed cowardice. You get a sense that he's fully aware of the potential danger his owner keeps searching for, but is more afraid for her safety than the danger itself.

His design is based loosely on a beagle, which was the most common breed of dog owned in the 1950's (the time period which my film is set in). Though he isn't supposed to be any specific breed. I intended to have him share Audrey's scruffy appearance, but to indicate he's often received most of the damage, hence his battered ear and odd pupils (the hollow eye is also lazy, which you will see in the final film).

Gizzard appearance is also supposed to give the impression that there's, about him. His character clearly knows more than he is letting on, and to convey that his characteristics are out of the ordinary, so he isn't perceived as merely a nervous dog. It adds much more tension to the film when you see he clearly knows something Audrey doesn't.

Tomorrow (or later today if the fates allow), we'll take a look at Willard, Audrey's father.

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