Sunday, 27 April 2014

There be monsters concept art-Audrey

So my final film is about 3 weeks away from hand-in; so for your viewing pleasure, I will be posting the expressions, action, and turnaround pages for the 4 main characters (as well as the colour ref pages once again so they are all together).

First up, Audrey McMarro.
Audrey is a 9 year old girl with an obsession for all things frightening; often searching her room for the fabled monsters with her poor dog in tow!

I intended for Audrey's design to differ greatly from most child characters in film and television, to stand out (hence why I made her rather lanky and changed her color scheme to bright, complimenting colours). The primary reason I researched the portrayal of children in animated media for my dissertation was to benefit this, and I am incredibly satisfied with the final result.

I wanted her to look like a child who grew up in a town where she was expected to be a little lady, but is constantly exploring places she shouldn't, hence her rather messy hair and missing teeth. She's rather scrappy. Plus all those late nights staying up monster hunting has put a terrible strain on her eyes!

One of her biggest inspirations personality-wise was Finn the Human from "Adventure Time" (who also has a dog-sidekick oddly enough), because he's the prime example of a character who is out of the ordinary and "weird", but is still sociable, active, and has a sense for danger. I didn't want Audrey to fall into the stereotypes of the geek or the tomboy, when children can quite easily be both.

 Tomorrow we'll get a look at her animal accomplice, Gizzard

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