Wednesday, 25 December 2013

A little rough around the edges

Let me kick this off by saying I hope you all had a very loving and safe Christmas (or holiday season depending on what you celebrate). May the next year bring you everything you're hoping for...unless you're like Crow from MST3K, because that would make you a very scary person indeed.

But enough references to things that will fly over the heads of most of my followers!

This is the very rough stage of an animation I am working on whenever I need a break from my Major, just to keep my work from going sloppy (very much like how the gargoyle animation was made).

Yup, it's Charmer!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Don't get them high after midnight.

This was a drawing inspired by the Cinema Snob, a director and film critic who is absolutely hilarious. His company is named "stoned gremlin productions" and so I thought I'd make a little logo based on that name.

Of course due to it containing drug use, I'll give the link so that it's not forced on anybody who doesn't want to see it.

Check it out HERE


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Chica Dinosaurio

Or T-Rex Girl if we're going to go by her English name...which is a silly name.

This character has been in my head for a while now, first appearing in 2009 solely as a joke between me and my friends. After that she underwent a serious makeover and changed from a 15 year old, mentally challenged white girl into a slightly confused, 20 something Mexican woman. How did THAT happen?! My guess is her costume reminding me too much of a Luchadora.

Her backstory is fairly simple. One day she was walking through her town, before an accident caused her to plummet towards the local vat of toxic waste. Luckily she MISSED said vat and instead fell into a local costume shop (her town has convenient, but terrible planning). After waking up with a concussion, she was only able to remember the hazards she avoided and the complete havoc she had wrought in the shop. Putting 2 and 2 together to make 7, she jumped to the conclusion she now had superpowers. Taking the nearest costume she could find, T-Rex girl was born!

Yes, it's silly, and that's why I love her.


A speedy drawing of a creature I have been doodling for a while

Just an eye with wings and fingers for legs....nope, nothing out of the ordinary here!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Googler coloured

Well here it is, the coloured version of this drawing

Googler from "Ace Lightning" looking like he stepped out of Arkham Asylum.

Friday, 15 November 2013

NSS advert

Second project of the 3rd year (the first one sadly can't be posted up just yet as it was production for a short film that hasn't been completed yet and...well, spoilers and the sort).

 Meet Nassor as he learns how the National Student Survey can help him get his views heard and be treated like an individual.

Still in need of a few tweaks, but I hope you like what you see.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Grouchy goblin

A drawing of Charmer, the goblin character I created for my first year design project (who you can find here)

As you can see I've come a long way since then.

It was wonderful to draw this vertically-challenged grump again, he's one of my favorites.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

A quick drawing for the spookiest holiday of the year. Have a happy and safe Halloween kiddies! I hope it's a SCREAM for all you little BOILS and GHOULS....I apologize, I've been watching Tales from the Crypt so much the Cryptkeeper's puns are starting to rub off on me.

Here's a zombie in a rather spiffing hat

Friday, 25 October 2013

Birthday Blast

A birthday drawing for Vivienne (mentioned in the previous post) of her character, Angel.

It's a weird coincidence that I posted this today when, a few hours ago, one of my lecturers brought up how tricky it can be to have a character that has multiple arms and give all of them something to do. Viv pretty much nails it with Angel and I hope I did too.

Also, hello colour, where have you been for the past few drawings?

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Friendly competition

What an iffy title, haha.

In September I entered a character design contest on Deviantart, organized by the ever talented Vivienne Medrano <---GO! admire her skill!

 This contest was a riot, all the entries I saw were fantastic and for me, it gave me a chance to do what I love, character design and writing back-stories.

The results are still pending, which is why I was a little reluctant to post the designs all over the internet (it's just a personal preference), so instead I will post the links to the original entries on DeviantArt so you can go look on there. 

Sunny McBride
Cal Thunder
Eugene "Gene" Moretti 

Either way, whatever the outcome (I'll be honest I'm not all that confident), when the contest is over I will put the designs themselves up on here.

Go have a look-see and check out the other entrants if you so desire.

Google me sideways

A quick sketch of my take on Googler, a villain from the British/American show "Ace Lightning."
Because I had to find an excuse to draw a scary clown...what? clowns are scary!

 The character originally looked like this

I was always a fan of the villain designs in this show, I must say.


Good times with gargoyles

Some speedy drawings of two gargoyle characters I came up with a long time ago (one of which you may recognize from this). Liza and Pan.
 I always come back to these two whenever I have an art block, because they always seem to get my creativity flowing again. Maybe it's because they have that "odd-couple" mentality that I love so much.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Gargoyle animation

While in my downtime from animating for uni I decided to take the time to...animate...huh...OKAY!

So here's a quick animation of a gargoyle-like creature doing a hair flip and spreading her wings. This took me about 2 hours after a lot of tweaking.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Holy smokes she's a toon!

While I am busy working on an animation project at uni, I will be keeping the blog alive with small posts of general sketches and doodles.

So for now here's some quick sketches of yours truly (between you and me I don't think I made the hair big enough!)

These were the result of some anatomy practice sketches and me trying to come up with a cover image for my blog (the final one isn't on here yet but will be up as soon as I have time to colour it...ah work). I think I've improved in leaps and bounds regarding limbs (which were always my weakness).

Still got a long way to go though (for some reason I have twice as much mass in my right leg on the second drawing)

NEXT TIME: An animation, hurray!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

New recruit

A drawing I completed just after I moved back to Cardiff and just had to upload, Because it's not a crew if you only have 2 members.

This is Silas Gambit, a frilled lizard who joins my team of mutated animals (check them out here)

The 3 other crew members will be up in the future, however only one other was drawn before I started uni, so I won't get started on the other 2 until my current project is over :)

Silas is a medic, so he naturally has a caring, sympathetic personality. He's cautious and keen to avoid any form of conflict (just in case it ends up with him having to get the first aid kit out!) and considering that the rest of the crew consists of a cat whose blood is mostly whiskey and a spider with agoraphobia and unsteady hands (whilst in charge of dangerous equipment) that's easier said than done. Just wait until the other crew members pop up on here in the future!
Despite this, Silas is calm and collected, letting out the odd passive-aggressive comment at worst (and keeping a personal supply of morphine on hand just in case, shhhh)

Silas' spine is unnaturally bendy, as a result however he can't stand up straight for very long, often resulting in him leaning at impossible angles to stay comfortable (which makes him so much fun to draw!). While the rest of the crew find this could be useful if he ever chose to take up a weapon, Silas prefers to ensure a situation never escalates that far.

His frills are no longer needed for intimidation purposes, and instead have become a nuisance and a tell-tale sign regarding his emotions. Whenever Silas is extremely surprised, angry (in rare cases), excited or...if he sees something that takes his fancy, the frills puff up involuntarily, giving the game away.

That's all for now guys, take care.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Doodle

Heroes on a sketch-pad, turtle power!

My final entry into the weekly drawing challenge, Raphael!

The second character I had to draw from the TMNT troop, the first being Rocksteady

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Kit-hikers guide to the galaxy

I spent so much time on this my hand started acting like Ash's in Evil Dead 2, trying to drag me away from the computer. I think it looks rather neat, albeit a little dark and gloomy.

A coloured version of this

 I was struggling with Kit's colours for AGES! Legs (the trapdoor spider panicking in the background) was always intended to be purple or blue because it's one of the brightest colours seen on his species and I wanted him to pop out. Kit however was a challenge, because there were so many different patterns. In the end I went with a Tuxedo Manx (can you tell I'm an animal person?) and I think it suits her.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Scram expressions coloured

I said it'd come and, now that I'm all settled back in to uni, here it is!

Scram in glorious colour, pulling dopey faces I practiced in front of the mirror. Visual references are always a delight to do.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Chameleon boy-Randall Boggs coloured

half-way through colouring Scrams expressions page and another little project which probably won't be up on my blog for a while for...reasons (super secret hush hush say no more) I decided to colour in this drawing I did of Randall Boggs.

After colouring about 7 of Scrams faces I just wanted a small break of the same palette by colouring with some vibrant purples and blues!

Dipper Pines

Weekly drawing challenge comes around again, so here's the line art and final coloured version of the one and only Dipper Pines.

Wet media brushes on photoshop are becoming my new love

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Birthday drawings

Today was my mums birthday, so of course I had to draw her a card; and who better to use but my adorable little fleabag.

Here are the two pictures I used of Scram and her momma, Shoo.

Scram looks great in colour.

Happy birthday mum!

Kit Crankford

I guess by "tomorrow" I meant "when my internet works." Bah!

I drew this little girl (who sadly suffers from gender-ambiguity but that was kind of the point) a few weeks ago after having her flying around my head for a long time. Kit Crankford was, in my mind, the pilot of a ship filled with anthropomorphic animals that were mutated by humans to explore other planets (so as not to risk any human lives). Of course the crew do whatever animals would do with vast amounts of expensive technology and mess everything up. They also have some unwelcome human habits. Kit for example is a raging alcoholic who apparently flies better drunk (I wouldn't dare question her).

Kit's generally indifferent to everything, whether it be somebody getting hurt or mass destruction, but question her abilities and she'll rip your throat out!

Here she is with another member of the crew, Legs McCowl (a spider) giving some unhelpful advice. All I could think of while drawing this was this video:


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Winds of change...and bananas

Watching too much Monsters Inc and remembering my constant viewings of Monsters University while at work resulted in this.
One of my favorite villains voiced by one of my favorite actors...ergh! the hands, don't look at the hands!

And another post into the weekly drawing challenge, an oldie but a goodie, which should be included with Randall because it also acted as a way of getting the love for another Summer movie out of my system.

Evil minions are so fun to draw.

Tomorrow, more doodles of a character whose been lurking in my brain for a while and finally got onto paper.

Saturday, 7 September 2013


This felt even more appropriate as my friend Liz posted this drawing of Michelangelo


Feel free to also check out the drawing I did of another awesome character in this series. Inspired by the comics, here's my version of Raphael!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Just a guy with a boomerang

Part of a weekly drawing challenge with my friends, I will be uploading the other entries across the week as opposed to those chunky posts I did for my major project.

Here's Sokka, my favorite character from Avatar

"Drink cactus juice, it'll quench ya, nothings quenchier, it's the quenchiest!"

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Scram expressions page

Anybody who follows me on Deviantart will know that my favorite drawing on there is of a character I created a few years ago.

Scram was a Cajun Raccoon who was infested with fleas, so infested that nobody wanted her around (hence her name). Of course, being full of that good ol' Southern spirit, Scram instead befriended all of her blood-sucking fleas, knowing all of their names by heart.

After a little reworking and style development (3 years does a lot after all). Scram's still around helping me out with expressions.

Coloured version will be around soon.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Seaworthy-animated short film

Well look at what's just come back onto the interwebs.
Seaworthy is back on youtube for all of you to see, huzzah and hooray! Feel free to take a gander and let me know what you think.

Special thanks to all my friends, family and of course Callie and Nia for collaborating with me; your help and support is what made this project possible and there is no way I would have finished it to such a high standard in time.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Music to my ears

Seaworthy's music is done, dusted and integrated with my animation today :) While the animation itself will be up on Monday/Tuesday with it's musical accompaniment I just wanted to give a huge shout out to the composer, Nia Ann-Thomas. You did an amazing job putting everything together. Technology wasn't exactly on our side today which left us both pretty confused (or maybe computers just don't like me, I know my laptop has been throwing hissy fits for days because of all the work) but it's totally worth it to hear the music with my work.

You'll be able to hear Nia's work as soon as the film is posted.

(I'll try to find out if she has somewhere where her other work is posted too!)

Have a good day everyone.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Seaworthy is almost done

Well it's taken months of hard work, many stacks of paper and enough pencil milage to get me from here to Spain, but Seaworthy is in the final stages of production.
Everything is coloured for the most part (I still need to scan through it for any small gaps I missed) and all that remains is the final touches such as title cards and synching up the music. The final video will be up here soon, but to keep you happy, here's a little teaser because I feel guilty for being hidden away from the blogging world for so long.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Disney club collaboration

A club I follow on Deviantart is holding a collaboration for drawing "Disney Good Guys" So
being a Disney fan....okay a Disney NERD, I had to get involved. Plus it's always helpful to get a bit of drawing practice in, especially as far as human anatomy is concerned. So I drew 2 entries, then got asked to do more.....and more....and did I manage to get these done AND finish my minor project in time?! I will never know.

So here's Mowgli and his vulture pals from "Jungle Book" (who didn't come out as well as I had hoped, Mowgli's stomach and Ringo vultures legs are driving me mad,) Gremlin Gus from "Epic Mickey," Merlin of "Sword in the Stone" fame and my personal favorite, Fagin from "Oliver and Company."

I've also agreed to draw Ray from "princess and the frog" on the sole condition that I'll only finish him if I have free time, Seaworthy is what's swamping my schedules nowadays and is of course what takes priority. I'll see if I can fit him in, he's only little after all.

And look who joined the party:

 Thankyou Zimeta for holding this and helping us all draw characters close to our hearts, and characters who have inspired me greatly.

Monday, 18 February 2013

"SEAWORTHY" Final concepts

The model pack and final concepts for my major project, here's hoping all goes well. Currently working on a production test for the waves so that should be up in a week or so along with my layouts. The colour ref is there again just so the pack is complete.