Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Not exactly formula 1

Timing and mechanics. Be honest, if you didn't know what course I was doing would animation be the first thing that came into your head when I said that module title? Makes it sound more like a science doesn't it? Well, in this case it kind of is.
Here we learned secondary motion, changing speed and animation of fabric.
This was probably (next to my character design/animation projects) one of the most interesting projects to do video reference for. When you have to animate cars, flags and a whip it pays to live in a city with a castle five minutes away. Let me tell you though, trying to explain to Anne Summers that we needed a whip for art purposes was no small feat.
So here are my examples. I'm not particularly happy with the whip, premier cut the bottom off and it settled in such a great way at the end. The flag however came out rather well.

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