Wednesday, 25 December 2013

A little rough around the edges

Let me kick this off by saying I hope you all had a very loving and safe Christmas (or holiday season depending on what you celebrate). May the next year bring you everything you're hoping for...unless you're like Crow from MST3K, because that would make you a very scary person indeed.

But enough references to things that will fly over the heads of most of my followers!

This is the very rough stage of an animation I am working on whenever I need a break from my Major, just to keep my work from going sloppy (very much like how the gargoyle animation was made).

Yup, it's Charmer!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Don't get them high after midnight.

This was a drawing inspired by the Cinema Snob, a director and film critic who is absolutely hilarious. His company is named "stoned gremlin productions" and so I thought I'd make a little logo based on that name.

Of course due to it containing drug use, I'll give the link so that it's not forced on anybody who doesn't want to see it.

Check it out HERE