Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

A quick drawing for the spookiest holiday of the year. Have a happy and safe Halloween kiddies! I hope it's a SCREAM for all you little BOILS and GHOULS....I apologize, I've been watching Tales from the Crypt so much the Cryptkeeper's puns are starting to rub off on me.

Here's a zombie in a rather spiffing hat

Friday, 25 October 2013

Birthday Blast

A birthday drawing for Vivienne (mentioned in the previous post) of her character, Angel.

It's a weird coincidence that I posted this today when, a few hours ago, one of my lecturers brought up how tricky it can be to have a character that has multiple arms and give all of them something to do. Viv pretty much nails it with Angel and I hope I did too.

Also, hello colour, where have you been for the past few drawings?

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Friendly competition

What an iffy title, haha.

In September I entered a character design contest on Deviantart, organized by the ever talented Vivienne Medrano <---GO! admire her skill!

 This contest was a riot, all the entries I saw were fantastic and for me, it gave me a chance to do what I love, character design and writing back-stories.

The results are still pending, which is why I was a little reluctant to post the designs all over the internet (it's just a personal preference), so instead I will post the links to the original entries on DeviantArt so you can go look on there. 

Sunny McBride
Cal Thunder
Eugene "Gene" Moretti 

Either way, whatever the outcome (I'll be honest I'm not all that confident), when the contest is over I will put the designs themselves up on here.

Go have a look-see and check out the other entrants if you so desire.

Google me sideways

A quick sketch of my take on Googler, a villain from the British/American show "Ace Lightning."
Because I had to find an excuse to draw a scary clown...what? clowns are scary!

 The character originally looked like this

I was always a fan of the villain designs in this show, I must say.


Good times with gargoyles

Some speedy drawings of two gargoyle characters I came up with a long time ago (one of which you may recognize from this). Liza and Pan.
 I always come back to these two whenever I have an art block, because they always seem to get my creativity flowing again. Maybe it's because they have that "odd-couple" mentality that I love so much.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Gargoyle animation

While in my downtime from animating for uni I decided to take the time to...animate...huh...OKAY!

So here's a quick animation of a gargoyle-like creature doing a hair flip and spreading her wings. This took me about 2 hours after a lot of tweaking.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Holy smokes she's a toon!

While I am busy working on an animation project at uni, I will be keeping the blog alive with small posts of general sketches and doodles.

So for now here's some quick sketches of yours truly (between you and me I don't think I made the hair big enough!)

These were the result of some anatomy practice sketches and me trying to come up with a cover image for my blog (the final one isn't on here yet but will be up as soon as I have time to colour it...ah work). I think I've improved in leaps and bounds regarding limbs (which were always my weakness).

Still got a long way to go though (for some reason I have twice as much mass in my right leg on the second drawing)

NEXT TIME: An animation, hurray!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

New recruit

A drawing I completed just after I moved back to Cardiff and just had to upload, Because it's not a crew if you only have 2 members.

This is Silas Gambit, a frilled lizard who joins my team of mutated animals (check them out here)

The 3 other crew members will be up in the future, however only one other was drawn before I started uni, so I won't get started on the other 2 until my current project is over :)

Silas is a medic, so he naturally has a caring, sympathetic personality. He's cautious and keen to avoid any form of conflict (just in case it ends up with him having to get the first aid kit out!) and considering that the rest of the crew consists of a cat whose blood is mostly whiskey and a spider with agoraphobia and unsteady hands (whilst in charge of dangerous equipment) that's easier said than done. Just wait until the other crew members pop up on here in the future!
Despite this, Silas is calm and collected, letting out the odd passive-aggressive comment at worst (and keeping a personal supply of morphine on hand just in case, shhhh)

Silas' spine is unnaturally bendy, as a result however he can't stand up straight for very long, often resulting in him leaning at impossible angles to stay comfortable (which makes him so much fun to draw!). While the rest of the crew find this could be useful if he ever chose to take up a weapon, Silas prefers to ensure a situation never escalates that far.

His frills are no longer needed for intimidation purposes, and instead have become a nuisance and a tell-tale sign regarding his emotions. Whenever Silas is extremely surprised, angry (in rare cases), excited or...if he sees something that takes his fancy, the frills puff up involuntarily, giving the game away.

That's all for now guys, take care.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Doodle

Heroes on a sketch-pad, turtle power!

My final entry into the weekly drawing challenge, Raphael!

The second character I had to draw from the TMNT troop, the first being Rocksteady