Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Disney club collaboration

A club I follow on Deviantart is holding a collaboration for drawing "Disney Good Guys" So
being a Disney fan....okay a Disney NERD, I had to get involved. Plus it's always helpful to get a bit of drawing practice in, especially as far as human anatomy is concerned. So I drew 2 entries, then got asked to do more.....and more....and more....how did I manage to get these done AND finish my minor project in time?! I will never know.

So here's Mowgli and his vulture pals from "Jungle Book" (who didn't come out as well as I had hoped, Mowgli's stomach and Ringo vultures legs are driving me mad,) Gremlin Gus from "Epic Mickey," Merlin of "Sword in the Stone" fame and my personal favorite, Fagin from "Oliver and Company."

I've also agreed to draw Ray from "princess and the frog" on the sole condition that I'll only finish him if I have free time, Seaworthy is what's swamping my schedules nowadays and is of course what takes priority. I'll see if I can fit him in, he's only little after all.

And look who joined the party:

 Thankyou Zimeta for holding this and helping us all draw characters close to our hearts, and characters who have inspired me greatly.

Monday, 18 February 2013

"SEAWORTHY" Final concepts

The model pack and final concepts for my major project, here's hoping all goes well. Currently working on a production test for the waves so that should be up in a week or so along with my layouts. The colour ref is there again just so the pack is complete.

Seaworthy initial concepts and development

A tidied up version of my initial concepts and development in my major project "Seaworthy," Final concepts will be up shortly.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Like father like son

Honestly thought I'd posted this a week ago! I think this major project has made me scatter-brained, all I can think about are bunyips and waves! Well, here it is now as this will probably be the last bit of animation you see from me until my Major production kicks off.

Minor Project for the second year: Taking a piece of dialogue from a film (which we sadly didn't get to choose, though I feel that worked to our advantage) and animate a character around it.

With my dialogue it narrowed my options down quite a bit, but I finally came up with the idea of a father punishing his son, while he's dressed up as a policeman. From the recording the dad sounds like he's taking it way too seriously but it's a lot less ridiculous than my other idea of a man talking to some toy soldiers (even though that would have been fun to do as well)

Buffalo Boy colour sheet

Here's the character from my in-progress Major project (currently titled "Seaworthy" but that's more of a...let's say "working title")
There is an alternate version with the same colours but very thin black lines (the original had lines thicker than a rhinos toenail and that would have made my animating life pretty hellish) so I'm not sure which I will go with, I do prefer this one though, he can fit into more backgrounds this way.

Much more in progress atm, I am currently on a colouring spree with all my background concept (which will be finalized by my lovely friend Calico) and model pack so they shall be up soon.

I also need to finalize a name, not so much for assessment but for my own personal benefit, my characters need names! So far I've been suggested Fred (which makes me laugh more than it should), Buffalo Bill and Caliban which is where the original idea came from. Oh the choices!