Saturday, 5 January 2013


Every year Glamorgan praises the work of it's brightest and best (with the help and support of many incredible people in the animation industry) with the Glammies, an award ceremony for the students and also the only time our mascot, Glammie Kid, gets to come out of hibernation and create havoc.

The job of the first years was to create "stings" between each category with the theme of "2012" specifically the Olympics coming to the UK, the end of the world and the queens diamond jubilee.

Me and two other students created this in the 3 weeks we had (about a week and a half to animate). It gives me a real sense of fulfillment to know that not only was this my first group project, but this was the opening animation and it's the first time I've seen my work on the big screen (the Glammies is held at a cinema) and hopefully not the last.

Good work everybody.

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