Thursday, 3 July 2014

Making progress

So remember those other "important drawings" I said I was working on in the last post? Well here's a quick look at a couple of them.

These are still works in progress, they are in desperate need of colour, but here is some (more or less) finished line art for you all.

Some familiar faces here too, Gizzard and the Big Bad (who really needs a better nickname) as well as Charmer and River, who I haven't properly drawn since my first year of university. She's settled into my updated style of drawing well methinks.

There are 5 of these currently in the works (which I intend to have completely done within the next week) and are being drawn for...reasons I cannot yet reveal (shhh, it's supposed to be a secret).

Night fury

Whether that title is relevant to my state while drawing this or the dragon itself is interchangeable; I did get into a bit of a frenzy while colouring this little fella.

Guess who saw "How to train your Dragon 2" last weekend.

This was an incredible film, incredibly heartwarming and action packed. Great new characters and vast improvements on some of the familiar ones (namely the other dragon riders, who had much more screen-time here. Hiccup, Stoic and Astrid are fantastic too, but I was happy we saw more of Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Fishlegs and Snotlout, because they were hilarious). And yes, the dragons were the highlight of the film, and I still love one dragon in particular.

So here he is, a quick Toothless sketch coloured in Photoshop. With and without the background, because even though the red makes him stand out it is a little distracting.

I did draw a full-body sketch of him too, but that will come a bit later, as I am currently working on some more important art...well, important to me that is.

Now go watch this lovely movie.
Dare I say it's better than the first one? Yes I do! Because I like to live dangerously.