Saturday, 2 February 2013

Buffalo Boy colour sheet

Here's the character from my in-progress Major project (currently titled "Seaworthy" but that's more of a...let's say "working title")
There is an alternate version with the same colours but very thin black lines (the original had lines thicker than a rhinos toenail and that would have made my animating life pretty hellish) so I'm not sure which I will go with, I do prefer this one though, he can fit into more backgrounds this way.

Much more in progress atm, I am currently on a colouring spree with all my background concept (which will be finalized by my lovely friend Calico) and model pack so they shall be up soon.

I also need to finalize a name, not so much for assessment but for my own personal benefit, my characters need names! So far I've been suggested Fred (which makes me laugh more than it should), Buffalo Bill and Caliban which is where the original idea came from. Oh the choices!

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