Saturday, 2 February 2013

Like father like son

Honestly thought I'd posted this a week ago! I think this major project has made me scatter-brained, all I can think about are bunyips and waves! Well, here it is now as this will probably be the last bit of animation you see from me until my Major production kicks off.

Minor Project for the second year: Taking a piece of dialogue from a film (which we sadly didn't get to choose, though I feel that worked to our advantage) and animate a character around it.

With my dialogue it narrowed my options down quite a bit, but I finally came up with the idea of a father punishing his son, while he's dressed up as a policeman. From the recording the dad sounds like he's taking it way too seriously but it's a lot less ridiculous than my other idea of a man talking to some toy soldiers (even though that would have been fun to do as well)

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