Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Now THIS was fun!

Our last project to be done digitally (before the major project which combines the two I believe) was to create either 5 full-secs animations or an E-sting to one of 10 music tracks. Loving the E-stings I decided to have a go at that. Though the animation is a little rigid with not that many arcs (these were illustrator symbols so I was still a bit shaky with that software) I think this came out rather well. Maybe I'll submit it to the next contest.

Flour sack adventures

Animation at last!

First animation project of the year was to animate two sacks of flour jumping over a ravine (as most flour sacks are known to do) and give them two different personalities, one eager, one reluctant.

Got to say, drawing a bag of flour bouncing around was so much fun, I'm used to drawing sharper, jagged lines so it was a nice change to draw pudgy little shapes leaping along the screen. Drawing the reluctant sack walking was harder than it looks though, and instead of sulking it looks more like it's waddling penguin-style. Still rather proud of this :)

Heroes in a half shell

So here's the story boarding section of the second year. Page 8 of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles script "Mobster from dimension X". Good lord was drawing the Glob-father fun.Sadly I felt so rushed with this project, mostly because I had to do another one for an advert which I had to keep changing and changing and changing until I wanted to rip my hair out. I really needed another couple days to get these drawings right.

I can't draw turtles...enough said, haha

Now you're playing with vectors

And here we have the illustrator piece of advance tech. I've never used this software before and I'm not going to lie, after years of using Photoshop I was like a fish out of water. Luckily it's fairly easy to grasp.

Here's my background, probably influenced from listening to too much Disney on my iPod. But it's far more colorful and open than the original jungle concept I had, which was all greens and very enclosed.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Paint with all the colours of photoshop

So as we finally reach my second year work (there's a backlog like no other) and this time we're sticking with artwork for our first few week. This included story boarding, Photoshop painting and illustrator backgrounds. Mixing things up a bit I thought I'd start with the Photoshop project, as that's the one I am most proud with.

Here is a background from Frankenstein s cat in both night and day, colored by me. Enjoy!


Every year Glamorgan praises the work of it's brightest and best (with the help and support of many incredible people in the animation industry) with the Glammies, an award ceremony for the students and also the only time our mascot, Glammie Kid, gets to come out of hibernation and create havoc.

The job of the first years was to create "stings" between each category with the theme of "2012" specifically the Olympics coming to the UK, the end of the world and the queens diamond jubilee.

Me and two other students created this in the 3 weeks we had (about a week and a half to animate). It gives me a real sense of fulfillment to know that not only was this my first group project, but this was the opening animation and it's the first time I've seen my work on the big screen (the Glammies is held at a cinema) and hopefully not the last.

Good work everybody.


Character animation rounded off our graded year at Glamorgan, and it is exactly what it says on the tin! We all designed our own characters, perform a sound clip and visual reference for them and then animate our latest creation:

performing a trait
a lip sync
a ten second performance with the dialogue

So what did I choose to make? Well, loving the creepy and cooky, and seeing as I wanted to draw something relatively humanoid (compared to Charmer anyway) I went with a zombie.

Meet River Mortis

Here are some sketches of her and the evolution of design (coloured images up soon)

and here she makes her acting debut