Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Collaborating by moonlight, collaborating by daylight

So at the end of last year and the beginning of this year I was lucky enough to take part in two different animation collaborations. I've always enjoyed seeing my work alongside other peoples and being introduced to a tonne of talented artists through it, so these were a complete blast.

The first one is "Art-Imation," which was organised by Erin Humiston. Erin animated a short scene and handed each individual drawing out to 255 different artsits, who then had to re-draw it in their own style. The result is a collage of fantastic work.

See if you can spot my frame in there!
The second collab was a little something called "Moon Animate Make-Up," organized by the ever awesome Kaitlin Sullivan. This is actually the second time Moon Animate has been done and from what I've seen it promises to be just as awesome as the first.
Basically Kaitlin hands out shots from an episode of the anime Sailor Moon and the artist has to animate that shot in their own style. Now because I've been so busy I was only able to do a short piece (2 seconds long) of the Wiseman. It's fairly straightforward, but I had a done of fun adding more movement and expression into those few seconds.

 Below you can see the original shot and what I did.

I hope you enjoy, guys!

The next post will be an important update regarding something I am currently working on.

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