Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Good news and bad news

So m'dears, this is a rather mixed bag when it comes to updates.

Unfortunately, the collaboration that I have been working on fell through (for numerous reasons I shall not ellaborate on, it's unnecessary). It's a real shame, as I know a lot of people who followed me on the Youtubes were keen to see the finished product, but sometimes this is how things go.

Still, I'm going to pull a Pollyanna and look on the bright side of things. My animation skills improved greatly whilst I was working on this (as did my art in general) and now that I know for certain what's going on, I can move forward and do what I want to do without hanging around in a void of uncertainty. This means I can animate my own things, more often at that (even if it is just little tests and such) draw more, and I can update more frequently.

I'm working on a couple of things right now, I have a list of animations I have wanted to do for a long time written out and the biggest worry I have now is which one I'm going to do first (maybe I'll do two at once, because sleep is for the weak!)

So what of the animation I did for this? Well, it will still see the light of day, but it will not be for a while, I don't want my channel to be a complete FNAF explosion, so I'll probably either sneak it in after a few newer animations or just throw the whole thing in with the audio the director gave me so people can see what it would have looked like.

For now, I give you this, my animation for the final shot featuring audio from the exceptionally talented MrCreepyPasta.

The next update (which will be coming in the new year) will feature a collaboration I worked on that went ahead beautfully and was an honor to take part in.

Until then, I wish you all the best for 2016 and all the love in the world.

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