Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Kit-hikers guide to the galaxy

I spent so much time on this my hand started acting like Ash's in Evil Dead 2, trying to drag me away from the computer. I think it looks rather neat, albeit a little dark and gloomy.

A coloured version of this

 I was struggling with Kit's colours for AGES! Legs (the trapdoor spider panicking in the background) was always intended to be purple or blue because it's one of the brightest colours seen on his species and I wanted him to pop out. Kit however was a challenge, because there were so many different patterns. In the end I went with a Tuxedo Manx (can you tell I'm an animal person?) and I think it suits her.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Scram expressions coloured

I said it'd come and, now that I'm all settled back in to uni, here it is!

Scram in glorious colour, pulling dopey faces I practiced in front of the mirror. Visual references are always a delight to do.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Chameleon boy-Randall Boggs coloured

half-way through colouring Scrams expressions page and another little project which probably won't be up on my blog for a while for...reasons (super secret hush hush say no more) I decided to colour in this drawing I did of Randall Boggs.

After colouring about 7 of Scrams faces I just wanted a small break of the same palette by colouring with some vibrant purples and blues!

Dipper Pines

Weekly drawing challenge comes around again, so here's the line art and final coloured version of the one and only Dipper Pines.

Wet media brushes on photoshop are becoming my new love

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Birthday drawings

Today was my mums birthday, so of course I had to draw her a card; and who better to use but my adorable little fleabag.

Here are the two pictures I used of Scram and her momma, Shoo.

Scram looks great in colour.

Happy birthday mum!

Kit Crankford

I guess by "tomorrow" I meant "when my internet works." Bah!

I drew this little girl (who sadly suffers from gender-ambiguity but that was kind of the point) a few weeks ago after having her flying around my head for a long time. Kit Crankford was, in my mind, the pilot of a ship filled with anthropomorphic animals that were mutated by humans to explore other planets (so as not to risk any human lives). Of course the crew do whatever animals would do with vast amounts of expensive technology and mess everything up. They also have some unwelcome human habits. Kit for example is a raging alcoholic who apparently flies better drunk (I wouldn't dare question her).

Kit's generally indifferent to everything, whether it be somebody getting hurt or mass destruction, but question her abilities and she'll rip your throat out!

Here she is with another member of the crew, Legs McCowl (a spider) giving some unhelpful advice. All I could think of while drawing this was this video:


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Winds of change...and bananas

Watching too much Monsters Inc and remembering my constant viewings of Monsters University while at work resulted in this.
One of my favorite villains voiced by one of my favorite actors...ergh! the hands, don't look at the hands!

And another post into the weekly drawing challenge, an oldie but a goodie, which should be included with Randall because it also acted as a way of getting the love for another Summer movie out of my system.

Evil minions are so fun to draw.

Tomorrow, more doodles of a character whose been lurking in my brain for a while and finally got onto paper.

Saturday, 7 September 2013


This felt even more appropriate as my friend Liz posted this drawing of Michelangelo


Feel free to also check out the drawing I did of another awesome character in this series. Inspired by the comics, here's my version of Raphael!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Just a guy with a boomerang

Part of a weekly drawing challenge with my friends, I will be uploading the other entries across the week as opposed to those chunky posts I did for my major project.

Here's Sokka, my favorite character from Avatar

"Drink cactus juice, it'll quench ya, nothings quenchier, it's the quenchiest!"