Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Kit Crankford

I guess by "tomorrow" I meant "when my internet works." Bah!

I drew this little girl (who sadly suffers from gender-ambiguity but that was kind of the point) a few weeks ago after having her flying around my head for a long time. Kit Crankford was, in my mind, the pilot of a ship filled with anthropomorphic animals that were mutated by humans to explore other planets (so as not to risk any human lives). Of course the crew do whatever animals would do with vast amounts of expensive technology and mess everything up. They also have some unwelcome human habits. Kit for example is a raging alcoholic who apparently flies better drunk (I wouldn't dare question her).

Kit's generally indifferent to everything, whether it be somebody getting hurt or mass destruction, but question her abilities and she'll rip your throat out!

Here she is with another member of the crew, Legs McCowl (a spider) giving some unhelpful advice. All I could think of while drawing this was this video:


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