Sunday, 14 October 2012


One of our first projects at university was to design a character of any shape, size or species. Being a fan of the weird and wonderful I chose a Goblin who was short in stature and even shorter in temper. Here are a few drawings that show the development of the anything but charming Charmer:

While most Goblins ride rabbits, toads and even foxes if they are large enough, Charmer decided to choose something easy to manipulate. A mole seemed perfect as it's blindness must make it easy to lead right? Oh Charmer, you do know moles can cope just fine without clear vision right? Well, at least Charmer is determined to prove me wrong.
Around this point I also gave Charmer a tooth staff to show that, despite his size, he could easily take down a larger animal (unless he just picked it up off the ground.)

And then what happened? Well on blog-spot they sat, Charmers mole grew three sizes that day!
We also see the return of the other goblins I drew, as they are now all residents of the same troop. It was then I realised I'd created an entire universe for this little guy.
Then again, I suppose that's a job well done!
I'll be more than happy to come back to Charmer in the future.

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