Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bringing a painting to life

A great piece of art makes you feel that sed piece is coming to life, leaping off the page. The next project we were assigned took this literally! We were sent out to choose and research an already existing painting and edit it to make the art burst into life in time to music.

Normally I lean towards fantasy art, finding a really interesting piece called "Dragon's knight" by Boris Vallejo (If you haven't already definitely give his work a look-see, it's impressive to say the least). But in the end I decided to turn to the work of Salvador Dali, as I rarely get to explore that form of painting anymore.

So here is my piece dedicated to "The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus", accompanied by the song "Adiemus." The song, in my opinion, compliments the themes of religion, impending war and a new era rather well. An epic moment of history needs epic music.


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