Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Chica Dinosaurio

Or T-Rex Girl if we're going to go by her English name...which is a silly name.

This character has been in my head for a while now, first appearing in 2009 solely as a joke between me and my friends. After that she underwent a serious makeover and changed from a 15 year old, mentally challenged white girl into a slightly confused, 20 something Mexican woman. How did THAT happen?! My guess is her costume reminding me too much of a Luchadora.

Her backstory is fairly simple. One day she was walking through her town, before an accident caused her to plummet towards the local vat of toxic waste. Luckily she MISSED said vat and instead fell into a local costume shop (her town has convenient, but terrible planning). After waking up with a concussion, she was only able to remember the hazards she avoided and the complete havoc she had wrought in the shop. Putting 2 and 2 together to make 7, she jumped to the conclusion she now had superpowers. Taking the nearest costume she could find, T-Rex girl was born!

Yes, it's silly, and that's why I love her.

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