Sunday, 31 August 2014

Many thanks!

So those works in progress are now fully fledged drawings. What were they made for you ask? Well after graduation, I wanted to show my appreciation to my lecturers for giving me such fantastic guidance and support these past 3 years; and what better way to thank lecturers of an art course with...well, art.

Each drawing was intended to represent each tutor, either in what/how they taught me or any specific characters that were created within the year they were my lecturer. These images have my signature at the bottom, unlike the originals, which are unsigned but have a personal message on the back and my signature there.

I delayed posting them because I was unsure as to whether all the lecturers actually had them yet (I wanted them to see them first) but I know that Graham got them and is keeping them safe, so it wouldn't hurt to post them now.

 For Graham Griffiths, I drew Gizzard and the Big Bad from my 3rd year film "There be Monsters" as he was my main lecturer during the production of the short.

 For Nicola Marlborough, I drew River Mortis and Charmer, as both characters were created in my 1st year of university for character design/animation, when she was my tutor.

For Brian Fagence and Peter Hodges, my contextual tutors, I drew my gargoyle characters, Liza (left) and Pan (right); both being a double-act. This image was then cut in half and given to each tutor.

And finally Gerald Emanuel, my business tutor, taught us how to be "big fish" in the animation world, so it made sense to draw Bunyip, my little fisherman creature.

My digital painting has certainly improved, as has my anatomy. These were a riot to work on and I hope my tutors enjoy them.

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