Wednesday, 5 March 2014

La Cucaracha

A surprise post before my usual weekly post! So that would make this a double post...what does it mean?

I coloured in this sketch a few days ago (with what was apparently a sprained wrist, though at the time I thought it was just RSI or something...ouch).

A new member of my animal crew (who I am now starting to call Kit's crew, even though she isn't the captain...logic). Rick Gageson, engineer and general grease, roach.

I had a tonne of fun adding texture and shading this time, namely on that boiler suit of his, though those antenna could do with a bit of work, as well as the goggles.

After surviving a rather nasty explosion when he was young, Rick's fallen under the false assumption that he's indestructible, and so has a cocky attitude towards anything dangerous, which is valuable when living on a ship that's falling apart, but not so much when it comes to social situations. His general lack of care for danger and boundaries means he can come across as insensitive and creepy towards those who haven't known him for very long.

Both he and Kit are highly protective of the ship and incredibly doubtful of each others treatment of it. Kit yelling at Rick to avoid it exploding while Rick criticizes her drink driving and how it'll cause them to crash. Though he's probably the closest to the pilot, what with Silas finding him vulgar, Trigger finding him idiotic, and Legs constantly falling victim to Ricks frat-boy bullying

Only the captain and Trigger left to finalize, and then I'll draw all of the crew in the same way I have drawn this fella.

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